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Vibe (eZuce)

Vibe - eZuce (  is based on a new distributed architecture, and can be considered as the evolution of SeeVogh and eZuce

The INFN phone conference system based on Asterisk is fully interoperable with ezuce/Vibe calling the conference number '4000'
Numbers in Italy to join the conference via phone are here

Vibe  is a web-based system for conducting meetings and conferences. Before using this tool,  you will need:


  • A microphone and a set of speakers, or
  • a headphone (recommended) with a microphone attached.



  • To download and install Vibe software, go to the website at and follow the instructions.
  • All the INFN Employees can use Vibe simply specifying thier official E-Mail address (*@*
  • When asked what "community" you belong to while setting up SeeVogh for the first time, specify the INFN Community.

Instructions WIKI

NEW Features

  • H.264 SVC Codec for better video performance over slower connections.
  • Application tabs to open Web Apps while in meetings.
  • Easy access to community meetings as well as online members’ presence.
  • Easy to join via WebRTC client (​​) NOTE:To have the best user experience is better to use Vibe client


  • It is strongly suggested to use a "Wired" network connection if it is possible.
  • Test your Vibe installations in advance (the day before the meeting) in order to fix any possible problem.
  • Use an Headset or an echo cancelling device (No Echo Introduction).
  • Use the "Mute" by default when not speaking.

Stefano Zani 26/12/2018

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